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Far From Honest

CoRe Team #1

He can’t trust her—and he can’t resist her.

In the desert town of Divine, Arizona, Ryder Lynch rules CoRe, a mercenary group of former black ops agents. After getting burned, Ryder doesn’t trust a soul—especially not a stranger like Mercy Thomas. She’s on edge, on the run, and all too willing to trade her body for protection. Ryder doesn’t believe a word coming out of her pretty little mouth. That’s why he’s demanding payment up front . . . and every lie is going to cost her.

All she needs is time—and to not fall for him.

Kidnapped, stripped, and left for dead, Mercy has her reasons for getting creative with the truth. As an investigative reporter, she’s chasing a story that will put any number of lives at risk, including her own. Ryder is the protection she needs and the lover she wants. But one of Mercy’s deadliest secrets is about him. And when everything’s out in the open, Ryder Lynch might be the most dangerous mistake she’s ever made.

~Excerpt from Far From Honest~

Ryder nodded without offering an apology. “You wanna talk to the cops?”

“No.” Absolutely not.

He didn’t seem concerned about her answer, just curious. “That was a very definitive no.”

She didn’t reply. The less she said the better.

“What’s the last thing you do remember?” he asked, thankfully changing the subject.

“I’m not sure. Everything’s so hazy and I’m so tired.” The less he knew about who she was and where she’d come from the better.

She was lying, Ryder was sure of it. She knew exactly what had happened to her and how and why she was here, but he’d let it go for now. She wasn’t faking the hunger and thirst or the exhaustion. He’d been on too many missions too far from civilization not to recognize the signs. When Jet got back he’d have her put Slip on finding out who Mercy Thomas from Wisconsin was. If any of that information was even real. So much of what came out of her mouth was bullshit and the rest was just vague enough to sound credible. In the meantime, he’d get her cleaned up and let her rest.

“You want a shower, some fresh clothes?”

“Yeah. You have some?”

“I can scrounge some up. Follow me.”

He got up from the table and led her to the bathroom, where he started the shower and found her a clean towel. After going through Jet’s drawers he came up with some sweatpants and a T-shirt that might fit. Jet was skinnier than Mercy, bigger chested, too. The clothes would be tight and probably too long, but they were clean and he was pretty sure Jet wouldn’t miss them. When he opened the bathroom door he found Mercy looking at herself in the mirror. He finally got to see her whole face.

Son of a bitch.

If he thought his luck was shit before it was completely fucked now. Mercy Thomas wasn’t her on-camera name. Jessica Thomas was. And Jessica Thomas wasn’t just any TV reporter. She was the reporter who’d ruined his career and gotten his best friend killed.

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