Marla and the Mall Santa for Kindle

Marla and the Mall Santa

She’ll geteverything she wants this Christmas.

When Marla sits on Santa’s lap and tells him what she wants for Christmas she ends up getting more than her stocking stuffed. Visions of sugar plums might dance in her head, but Santa’s driving the sleigh and he knows exactly how naughty she’s been.


“I want to come,” I gasped.

Adasser shook his head. “The master said to only let you come once.”

“What about what I want?” Oh god, I was so close it burned. The pleasure and pain was almost too much. “Make me come!”

“No. Not yet.” A new voice.

I raised my head and looked down my body to where Santa stood at the foot of the bed. He wore his white fur-trimmed red suit, his bright blue eyes focused on my cunt as the elves pumped the cups one more time. I moaned with pleasure. Everything throbbed. Santa stroked his white beard with one hand, the thumb of his other hand hooked in his belt. He smiled. The look in his eyes told me he knew exactly how naughty I’d been and how naughty I could be. For him.

Goldir’s finger slipped from my cunt and rimmed my ass. He pushed in slowly, allowing me to get used to his intrusion. My hips flexed off the bed. Goldir pushed me down onto the bed, holding me there. Two sets of hands caressed and soothed me. This was everything and yet it still wasn’t enough.

I cursed. Santa’s grin grew wider. He watched me with a predatory glare, all the while standing there as though he didn’t care. The elves worked me over. Tears leaked out my eyes and still they didn’t let me come.

“Santa, please,” I begged.

He shook his head. The music changed again. We Three Kings. The elves stopped everything. My chest heaved with pent-up frustration. The suction cups were released. It was worse without them than with them. My pulse pounded in my clit and nipples. I wanted to touch myself but the elves held my hands.

The men moved to my head, lining up. They took turns jacking off on me, while Santa watched. First Adasser, then Goldir, then Nestor. Their hot, starchy cum bathing my face and mouth. I couldn’t get enough and turned my head, gobbling up every drop. I sucked from their cocks until they deflated and they pulled away.

Santa slid his belt through the loops, folded it in half, and snapped it. “My turn, Mrs. Claus.”

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